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Match Stats

Many games are competitive these days or have small "match" style gameplay --

It would be cool to see match stats. This would pair well with Photon events, too.

There's a few things that could be done:

  1. Have the master send PlayFab a StartMatch(startMatchData) call to know that a PlayFab match has started. The startMatchData could store potential values such as passing a list of Photon Players (or your own Players class). Your Photon.UserId should be your PlayFabId, so there's a lot that can come from this. Then some custom data like "class", "skillTree{}", whatever.
  2. At the end of a match, have the master call EndMatch(endMatchData). This would show results of the match. Who lived, who died, points, kills, deaths....
  3. Aggregation -- Essentially, it's stats! However, instead of per-player, or global, it's per-match! This would allow for a lot of things, like match history... could aggregate match stats instead of only player stats. Total # of matches. ever played. Could organize by match IDs and view shared data.

You could probably do this now with title data and shared data, but something official like Stats would make things less stressful (as it already is, compared with just adding stats within player data).

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Thanks for the request - to clarify, what do you see as the requirements for query? How would a player "discover" sessions to view the stats for it, or would it be solely so that they could view the stats for games they have played?

To be clear, neither Title Data nor Shared Group Data would be an effective way to do this. Title Data is a sharded and cached data store, which should only be updated occasionally. Client-initiated updating of Title Data isn't supported. Shared Group Data is meant for very small numbers of players to share some data, such as game state for asynchronous turn-based games. It's not designed for storing data on dozens/hundreds/thousands of matches per player.

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