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Unicorn Battle Source is now available

Hey PlayFab Community,

About 6 months ago we created a game for the purpose of giving demos of PlayFab functionality. Our main requirement was simple: it needed to show off as many of our features as possible. A secondary objective of this project was to eventually release the source code to our community, so that developers can have easy access to example code showing how to add those features to their own games, or as the framework for building their own title.

I’m excited to announce that this day has come. Community, meet Unicorn Battle.

There were many challenges in making this available to you, and as such it took us a while to get Unicorn Battle documented and automated so that you can run it against a Title ID in your own PlayFab Studio. But as they say, “nothing worth doing is ever easy”!

Keep in mind that this is a Beta of Unicorn Battle, and we will continue to be updating and changing it for the better on a regular basis. But as of today you can download the respository, follow the instructions on the and have a working Unicorn Battle demo -- with all the same functionality we use when showing off PlayFab to others -- for you to play around with.

Let us know what you think! If you have any comments, questions on how to use it, or suggestions how it could be improved, please let us know here in the PlayFab Community forums.


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