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Welcome to the updated PlayFab community forums!

Thanks for your participation in the PlayFab community! Based on feedback from our users - as well as our own experiences - we have updated to a new and improved forum system. As a start, this helps to improve the posting experience, adding a better editing interface, more capabilities, and eliminating delays in posts becoming available to the community.

To start with, all the posts from our old site have been imported, and in the same topics, so that nothing has been lost - and as an added bonus, any questions you previously asked or answered have already gained you some reputation.

As before, you can explore the existing questions and suggestions by searching using the box at the top of the page, and you can select any of the top-level Topics via the "Spaces" drop-down above. You can also add info to your profile using the icon in the upper right corner - just click on it and select profile. This will let you choose what you share with other developers, as well as provide a landing space that has all the information on threads you're following, questions you've asked and answered, and how many users are following you.

Posting a question, answer, or comment is just as easy as it was previously - just sign in using your PlayFab credentials, and you're ready. If you have any trouble at all, please be sure to let us know at, and we'll help to resolve any issues you encounter. When you do post, all of the primary feature areas are available to be added as Topics, as well - just have a look at the API documentation if you're not sure what they are. We'll be adding Topics to posts as well, so don't worry if you're not sure which ones to use. We'll also be going through some of the more recent posts and adding Topics to them as well, but if you feel like adding some to any of your older questions or feature requests, please do. And of course, if you feel that there's a missing Topic, let us know at devrel - if there are any that would be useful to many developers, we're happy to add it.

Finally, once you've had time to explore the new interface and features, please do let us know what you think. We're always very interested in hearing from our community.

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Hamza Lazaar avatar image Hamza Lazaar commented ·

Very nice!

One tiny thing: the "Welcome to the updated PlayFab community forums!" banner should be dismissed for users who already clicked on "Read More"

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brendan avatar image brendan Hamza Lazaar commented ·

Believe me, if that was an option, that's the way it would work. For now, it'll be the header for a little while, so that everyone can get the basic info. We'll remove it once it looks like folks have gotten used to it. :)

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Joshua Strunk avatar image Joshua Strunk commented ·

Love the update! I do have a pain point on topics though.

I personally would prefer letting users create new topics as they come up rather than being restricted to what others have requested / talked about in the past. A system more like admins blacklist topics rather than whitelist them. On the subject of topics would be nice to break out all the SDKs / Platforms into separate topics. (Unity, Unreal, C++, etc...) Then, have the overarching topic for general API features/discussions/questions be API not SDKS. Coudl even seperate that into ServerAPI, AdminAPI, ClientAPI.

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brendan avatar image brendan Joshua Strunk commented ·

The reason we chose to curate the Topics is due to past experience - we'd like to help prevent having too many similar Topics which cause confusion over which is the "right" one to find the info developers are looking for. At the moment, we'd rather do that by adding more as people request them (and I do quite like getting all the SDKs in there, so I'll be doing that shortly). Client vs Server vs Admin is a good thought as well - I'll give some thought to how we can best add that.

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